Curlanista Magic Detangler Brush set

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Great BUY! Detangling brush with edge control brush


Great for Detangling Curls! Flexible comb brush that glides with your curls as you detangle. It also has a curved shape that's super comfortable to use on your scalp.

  • For All Hair Textures
  • Pro Tip: Use on damp hair with Curlanistas’ Magic Detangler
  • Curved comb shape for comfortable use on your scalp
  • Can be used to give a scalp massage
  • Comes with Control Bar that can be used optional to lock comb teeth in place
  • Comfortable handle
  • Recommended use on wet or damp hair only!

Suggested Use: Use on damp hair with Curlanistas’ Magic Detangler in your hair.  Section hair & use Detangling Flexi Brush to gently work product through hair starting at the ends & working up towards the roots.