The Crown Act is another reason to Embrace Your Coils

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Meta Des: Anti-hair discrimination? Understand the CROWN Act, learn more about caring for your coils, and embrace your natural hair journey with Curlanista.



Let's face it, whether it's Bantu knots, coloured locs, or an afro, black hair has always been under scrutiny. Our beautiful and diverse protective styles do not conform to a white standard of beauty. In an era of cultural awakenings (#AreYouWoke), people of color still feel pressured to conform to racially-biased policies.

In our communities, we see our moms, aunts, cousins, and next-generation of girls straightening and changing the way they wear their hair to be considered more professional and less urban.


What is the Crown Act and why is it important?

Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair or CROWN is a bill which aims to stop hair-biased policies that almost always discriminate against people of color, especially black women and girls. Some senators oppose the bill. They argue that existing civil rights legislation covers all discrimination and a new bill is unnecessary. But the fact is, existing laws can be vague and inconsistently applied when it comes to discrimination against African-American natural hairstyles. The CROWN Act brings much-needed clarity to the issue.

The impact isn't just about how we look, feel and define our beauty - although that's important. We should also recognize the real possibility of not being allowed to participate at school or missing out on job opportunities because we are viewed as 'unsuitable' purely because of the way we wear our hair.

The CROWN Act hasn’t passed yet, though Democrats will try to push it through again.

Embrace Your Coils

While the debate continues, we have a job to do. Wearing your crown how you want means that you have to care for curls. Curlanista is proud to advocate for change by empowering you to embrace your coils. Through books and motivational speeches, Lexi P educates hair carers and encourages young girls through their natural hair journey. She shares how to confidently express yourself through your hair and helps to raise national awareness of the challenges that unfairly affect women and girls of color. Join Curlanista monthly journal membership to stay ahead of developments and check out effective hair maintenance products that are good for you and a positive step towards redeeming your crown.

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