Get Ready for Summer with Protective Styles and Hair Care Tips

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Meta Des: Dry lacklustre curls? Not this summer! Embrace your coils with protective styles

and hair care tips from Curlanista.


Summer is almost here! As the weather gets warmer, our hair can start to feel drier. Over hydrating, your coils with too many products, irregular maintenance or over manipulation can lead to breakage. This is the season to freshen up your style while lessening exposure to heat, sun and too much stimulation. So, keep these ideas in mind as you head to block parties, family trips and dips in the pool.

Choosing your style

There are so many beautiful styles for different hair types, lengths, occasions and lifestyles. What works for summer camp may not work for a family reunion. A splash of color in your butterfly braids may be great this week, but a flat twist with charms and beads might be the next head-turning look that you want next!

Pick a Ponytail

If you want longer and bolder styles without committing to wearing braids, try our Curlanista Magic Ponytails. Great for everyday protective styling and easily matched to suit different hair textures 3B/3C/4B and 4C. Each ponytail is quick to attach using the

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interior combs and an easily adjustable drawstring. Secure for up to two weeks to keep your look fresh, or change it daily if you prefer! [SHOP NOW]

Must-Do Maintenance

Coils need TLC to achieve their maximum bounce and shine. So:

  • Always keep a satin scarf or bonnet to cover your hair at night.

  • Moisturize your curls daily to avoid them drying out (even if they are protected by


  • Don't forget that a good cleansing routine will help to avoid product build-up, so

    wash your scalp at least every 1-2 weeks.

    If you want to elevate your wash day, try the Curlanista Magic Detangler Brush set. This brush and comb + with bristle-edge brush set will allow you to massage your scalp and loosen tangles in fine or thick curls. Use the handy edge brush to touch up the front of the hair, which can get a little frizzy over time. [SHOP NOW]

    However, you choose to embrace your coils this summer, ensure that you keep your hair moisturized, keep your ends tucked, and opt for a style that does not cause tension on your scalp.

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