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Girls, it’s never too early to create your destiny and become your own boss like  Curlanista’s Founder, Lexi P, who became her very own boss at the age of 12.      First, she launched her book collection dedicated to inspiring girls all over the world to love their natural curls. Then, at the age of 13, she expanded her collection of curl loving books into her own hair care line, Curlanista, which became the top-selling natural hair care line in less than a year of its launch. Now, Lexi P wants to help you to become a girl boss. Girls, you have the power to change the world and the intelligence to create amazing things. What will you accomplish in the future? Let us help. Join our Girl Boss movement to level-up on your boss skills and become the next big success story too!



Every girl deserves a chance to embrace her curls and unlock her true potential. Curlanistas are curly girls of all shades and backgrounds on a mission to embrace their natural hair with confidence! Our coils are popping in all shapes, sizes and styles. We love our looks and inspire one another to embrace our diverse beauty. We are the beautiful sisters of coils and we’ll use our new-found confidence to reach our goals.



Joining a curl-squad who has your back and uplifts you to live your best life in all its kinky/curly glory while becoming a winning entrepreneur is what the Curlanista Boss Network is all about! The perks take the cake! Here are the amazing, lavish perks we offer our Curalnista bosses:

Curlanistas Boss Perks
  • Curlanista BO$$ Kit complete with:
    • Curlanista BO$$ T-shirt
    • Curlanista Curl Cream
    • Curlanista Curl Custard
    • Curlanista Detangler
  • Monthly Curlanista Boss Coaching Calls with Lexi P.
  • 15% commission on sales of Curlanista products originating from your unique member code or URL
  • Up to 10% discount on Curlanista hair care products for your customers 
  • Priority access to Curlanista new product releases
  • Access to Curlanista giveaways & promotions
  • PLUS SO MUCH MORE!  Click HERE to learn more


    Join Lexi P in being your own boss. Desired characteristics of the ideal and qualified Affiliates include:

    • Those who are everyday influencers, such as bloggers, models, YouTube vloggers or anyone with a love for natural hair and social media sharing.
    • Those who represent the Curlanista lifestyle, have a love for natural hair care and rock the latest in naturally kinky or curly styles while sharing their experiences.
    • Those who want to become a winning entrepreneur utilizing the products and resources provided by Curlanista

    If you meet all of the qualifications mentioned above it’s time to embrace your curls and unlock your true boss potential by joining the Curlanista Boss Network.



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